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Because of the wide production assortment, we present it a little itemized.

  • straight and diagonal cylindrical cogs (from module 0.5 to 30 mm and diameter 3000mm)
  • conical cogs - straight and diagonal cogs (from module 0.5 to 30 mm and diameter 1600mm)
  • spiral gearing with  conical cogs (up to module 16 and diameter 1000 mm)
  • hypoid gearing (up to module 28 and diameter 2000 mm)
  • snails and snail wheels (up to module 20)
  • new constructions and all kinds of overhauling works including the spare parts
  • projects according to the wishes of the customer
  • we are carrying out all types of locksmithing
  • all types of concoction and constructions on order
  • steel constructions and industrial fixtures
  • gear, systems and parts for car industry
  • gear, systems and parts for aluminium industry
  • gear and parts for iron works
  • tools and appliances, metal cylinders, reservoirs, storage tanks and ecological containers
  • ...
  • turning capacity is up to diameter Ø=1300 mm and length up to 8m
  • milling  of products up to 3m length – in all kinds of shapes
  • grinding cylindrical - outside and inside (up to diameter Ø=500 mm x 4000mm)
  • surface grinding up to 3 m
  • CNC turning up to Ø=600 mm x 1500 mm
  • CNC vertical horizontal machine - Borverk (Pinola Ø=130mm quill, Table 2000 x 2000 mm)
  • CNC Handling Center Hartford (Table 600x 1000 mm, with axis 600 mm)
  • our own engineering
  • sale of bearings, all types according to the wishes of the customer
  • Simmering and Segerrings of all sizes
  • diverse k-nutts screws,
  • washers and special nutts on order

Podjetje Gomilšek d.o.o. je v letu 2020 pridobilo sofinanciranje upravičenih stroškov - Naložbo VAVČER ZA PRIDOBITEV CERTIFIKATOV sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj